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Soap Saver

Soap Saver


Soap Saver

This smells like long lasting soap! Get 2x the life out of just one bar.
Place soap bar in the bag and enjoy :)

Benefits of a Soap Saver Bag

Soap saver bags are environment-friendly pouches designed to hold soaps made for washing your body and hair. These pouches are gentle on the skin and are zero waste! A soap saver pouch extends the life of your soap and it is the most hygienic way to store it. It keeps the soap clean by preventing it from getting slimy and fostering bacteria.

It is made with natural bristles that are biodegradable and can be easily composted and recycled when it frays out. To get high-quality after-shower results, pair your soap saver bag with natural soaps.

Reasons why you should get a Soap Saver

1. Extends the life of your soap

As mentioned before, soap savers extend the life of your soap. For instance, a loofa uses a lot of soap before forming a lather and it strips your skin from its natural oils making it dry and flaky. But with a soap saver, it needs less soap to lather. There is less residue formed prolonging your soap’s lifespan. It’s also a great cost saver as it reduces the need to buy new soaps.

2. No more soap dish residue

Once a soap bar is used, it is kept in a soap dish. Because the soap sits in a pool of water and grime, there is a build-up of bacteria and soap scum. Some soaps even have the tendency to melt in water.

Using a bar soap saver eradicates all this mess and hygienically contains it. Once you finish using it, rinse the soap saver and hang up the pouch. It dries up real quick and doesn’t facilitate the growth of germs and bacteria.

3. Best exfoliator

A soup saver pouch is the perfect combination of an effective exfoliator yet gentle of the skin. These bags are typically made of the material sisal, crochet soap savers are available as well, which helps lather the soap as you exfoliate.

The sisal bristles are strong enough to effectively exfoliate dead skin without causing micro-tears on the skin leaving it smooth and supple.

Pros of a soap saver bag

Made with renewable resources: Sisal is a sustainable material that most soap saver bags are made of. It is a low-elastic rough fiber that is durable, strong, and sustainable. Sisal is made from a plant called Agave Sisalana that is easy to regrow and harvest making it less viable to pose any environmental impact.

Sisal is cultivated without synthetic chemicals, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides making it safe for use and reducing runoff pollution while farming.

The bag can be replaced after four to six months of use, and you can go about your day guilt-free knowing that it is the friend of the environment and will decompose.

Does not foster bacteria: As previously mentioned, they do not sustain bacteria. The tough fibers don’t decompose in water. After a shower, the bag quickly dries up and does not create an environment for germs to multiply, unlike a loofah or soap dish. It is beneficial for the skin as there’s no germ transfer.

Forget slimy soap: Cleaning leftover soggy soap is not fun. Slimy soap underbelly is prevented as the pouch is hung up for the soap to dry evenly.

Skin feels better: The skin feels cleaner and softer as germs are not being transferred to the skin. The gentle exfoliator saver pouch plus a natural soap will leave you with the smoothest skin.

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