About Us

About Us

Standing in front of our soap display at the Soap Trade show in San Antonito Texas.

Welcome to the pure delight of handmade products from Smart Soap!


Even as our orders continue to grow, we remain a small operation that's dedicated to making each bar, scrub, and bath bomb by hand. Making our products by hand ensures that they are of the highest quality from the moment we package them, to the moment you use them in your home.



Every product from Smart Soap is made from our carefully selected high quality ingredients. None of our soaps or accessories get tested on animals. We’ve done all the mixing, creation, and research ourselves to ensure a great fragrance and an even better experience with each of our handmade products.



For us, it is all about the aroma and feel our products give your skin. That's why we build all our formulas on a foundation of shea butter, natural herbs, fruits, and flowers. We want you to receive a unique and welcoming experience. One that leaves you relaxed and satisfied with each use. What are you waiting for? It's time to wash, rinse, and exfoliate with Smart Soap.



Be sure to check out our bars designed specifically to deep clean and smooth your skin with different exfoliants. We use ingredients like activated charcoal, oatmeal, sea salt, and even coffee grounds for those early morning risers that want an extra kick in their bathing experience.



Please, feel free to browse our shop. Our passion is making unique products that look good, feel fantastic, and revitalize your skin and mind. For us, it is simple - make a great natural product free from any chemicals that give your daily life that extra boost of happiness.

Trust us, this is quality you can feel!