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7 Reasons to Use A Handmade Natural Soap

by Jameson Goss 30 Mar 2022

Do you know the ingredients of the soap you use every day? The skin is the largest organ in the body and comes in firsthand contact with and absorbs chemicals, toxins, and other ingredients used in products.

The components and ingredients are substances that have unfamiliar and long names that are often printed on small labels in fine print that makes the writing illegible. The unfortunate truth is that these commercial soaps comprise substances that are harmful to the environment and can have a harsh impact on your skin.

Cleansing oneself is supposed to be a relaxing and soothing process and that’s why natural soap bars, made with clean, safe, skin and environmentally friendly ingredients are the best option. They have tremendous benefits which will be further discussed in detail.

Handmade Natural Soaps are Actual Soaps

Drug stores and supermarkets offer a varied assortment of bath products such as soap bars, liquid body wash, skincare bars, cleansing bars, beauty bars, and deodorant soaps. The hard reality is that these products are basically detergents in disguise.

These soaps are manufactured commercially and are pretty much loaded with chemicals, they have little to no natural ingredients, have artificial ingredients, and can’t really be considered “soap” per se.

The FDA states that the availability of true soaps in the markets is low. Many bath products, both liquid and solid, contain synthetic chemicals, detergents, and dyes. These products are highly utilized because they don’t create a sticky residue and can easily make suds in the water. Most of these synthetic products, basically detergents, are marketed as soap. But according to the regulatory definition, these products are not true soap.

Before mass consumption and commercialization soaps were once handmade. The cold press method, where the soap mixture is not heated by external means, was the way soaps were traditionally made and is still used to this day.

True soap is the outcome of saponification, a natural soap-making process. It is a natural chemical process where an acid, such as butter and oils, and base/alkaline called lye dissolves in a liquid and forms a slat, which is soap. Glycerine is a by-product of saponification and helps to moisturize the skin.

Natural soaps are made with natural ingredients

One of the best things about natural soaps is the ingredients used. A product’s true quality is directly related to its ingredients.

While most soaps in the market use synthetic ingredients and chemicals offering no benefits to your skin, handmade soaps use certified ingredients that are natural, nutrient-rich, and super nourishing for the skin. These ingredients are cruelty-free, ethically traded, and produced sustainably.

The price point of handmade soaps compared to commercial soaps are higher. This is because quality products are used such as unrefined oils like virgin olive oil.

Other ingredients typically used are natural butter, herbs, natural purifying clay, seeds, pure plant-based oils, honey, spices, grains, fruits, oats, coffee, goat’s milk, and essential oils like lavender, cedarwood, dark patchouli, and clary sage. These ingredients provide aromatherapy, natural color, gentle exfoliation, and a raw earthy texture.

The natural soap-making process results in a gentle, moisturizing, and rich soap that leaves your body feeling smooth and creamy. Natural soaps have amazing lather that’s long-lasting and make your skin soft, clean, and healthy.

Natural soap is not made with:

  • Detergents
  • Synthetic preservatives
  • Foam boosters
  • No extra preservatives

Natural soaps are made with skin-safe, gentle ingredients that do not lead to skin allergies or irritation, they do not dry out the skin ether.

When commercial soaps claim to add butters and oils like shea butter, natural plant oils, etc, more often than not they are super refined and are stripped off all their inherent nutrients. Why? It makes it easier to work in the soap-making process, and turnout is faster making room to produce them in large quantities.

Unrefined butters and oils are costly because of their rich profiles and amazing scents. Making it much more labor-intensive to formulate the soap but it simultaneously holds on to their amazing benefits and properties.

Benefits of handmade soaps

1. Handmade Natural soaps are moisturizing

  • Made with plant oils and butter: These ingredients in their purest form are derived from nature.
  • Natural soaps are superfatted: Superfatting is the process when soaps are formulated with plenty of butters, and extra plant oils. This helps the lye react better in the chemical process since there is more fat (butters and oil) in the mixture. In the end result, the process has a reside of unused oil, leaving the soap with amazing moisturizing properties and skin benefits. Because they are superfatted, they have a low shelf life and should be used quickly.
  • Natural soaps retain their natural glycerin: As mentioned before, glycerine is a by-product of the soap-making process. Once the ingredients come together it chemically transforms into glycerine and soap. Glycerine is a gentle moisturizer and emollient. It draws in the air’s moisture, thus, creating a layer of moisture on the skin’s surface. Soap without glycerine, like the commercial soaps, can leave the skin feeling dry and itchy.

2. Natural soaps helps maintain Healthy skin

The skin has about 5 million pores on the body and is highly absorbent. Healthy skin has a big impact on overall good health. People swear by natural soaps as they not only improve their skin but holistically improve their life by eradicating dry skin.

Sometimes people are under the impression that they have sensitive skin but it turns out that their skin has been reacting to the chemicals and artificial ingredients found in soaps. Instead of going from one commercial soap to another to find something gentle for the skin, replace them with a beautiful natural handmade soap bar and see the immediate difference.

3. Natural soaps produces rich lather without using any chemical foam boosters

Surfactants such as detergents, lathering agents, and foam boosters produce foam, lather, and bubbles commonly seen in commercial soaps. They are chemical by-products that are inexpensive in the process of mass-producing soaps.

Handmade soaps are natural surfactants; a well-cured and formulated natural soap does not need additives to form lather or effectively cleanse. What creates a magnificent lather is glycerine, natural ingredients like castor, and coconut oil, natural soaps also produce more foam than commercial soaps.

4. Handmade soaps are economical

Natural soaps have a higher price but you get what you pay for, in the sense that when you get higher quality soap.

You’re paying for the various benefits provided, natural and high-quality ingredients, the time and effort it takes to produce just one bar of soap.

5. Handmade soaps are unique

Handmade soap bars look stunning with a range of colors, textures, and scents that come straight from nature and effectively nourish the skin. They’re gorgeous and handcrafted to perfection and will look like a piece of art in your bathroom. These beautiful handmade soaps make great gifts too.

6. Natural Handmade soaps are

  • Cruelty-Free: Plants, animals, the sea life are gravely affected by mindless consumption habits. Raw materials are ethically sourced and none of these products are tested on animals and handmade soap companies can attest to it.
  • GMO-Free: The formula does not contain GMO, sulfates, parabens, dyes, colors, SLS (petrolium by-product), and other gross chemicals.
  • Responsibly made with low carbon footprints: The vision is to creating beautiful soaps for health and wellness, but most importantly to educate and make the consumer market aware to consciously consume products. They use sustainable, plastic-free, and synthetic-free packaging using biodegradable and recyclable materials.


Handmade soaps are worth it because of the many health and skin benefits they offer. You're contributing in helping small business spread their craft and the kindness they have towards nature. Once you start using natural handmade soap bars, there’s no going back!

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